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East Roswell: Some Tips on How to Deal with Your Child’s Whining Habits

Posted on 12-17-2014


Every parent will have to deal with a whining toddler at some point in their lives. This incoherent, incessant noise can be difficult to deal with, but there are ways to cope. Toddlers whine when they are hungry, angry, bored or tired. We will take a closer look at a few of the ways to deal with your preschooler’s or toddlers whining habit.

Have patience

Toddlers can experience frustration during the developmental years. Whether your child is hungry, tired or feeling ill, he or she simply does not possess the required vocabulary to articulate these feelings and thoughts. Parents can help by setting reasonable expectations. Have patience, use your parenting intuition, and remain calm when dealing with the situation and you will often resolve it fairly quickly.

Do not give in

Once your child gets a bit older and is able to articulate feelings of anger and frustration, it is important that you never give in to whining. If you give in, you are setting a dangerous precedent for your child by acknowledging that the longer they whine the more likely the situation will resolve in his or her favor.

Equip your child with the necessary skills to deal with frustration

Teach your child the proper way to deal with feelings of anger and frustration. This is important, as it will help your preschooler understand and recognize how he or she feels. For instance, if your child cannot play outside because it is raining, explain the situation and offer alternative activities which can be done indoors.

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